Friday, March 30, 2007

Jeff & Jane Hudson-complete discography,1979-1983,USA

World trade mini lp(1981)
Flesh LP(1983)
Burn CD(2002)
No Clubs 7"(1981)
+Attack under attack "los lamos"/operating instructions" 7"(1982)
+special world 7"(1983)
Complete discography of this phenomenal legends of minimal synth sounds.All unique and amazing.
for more infos visit their official site
get these here and here


Anonymous said...

Since you are in the mood for wants, are there any possibilty to get som Der Akteur from Germany? Love the only tape i have from this artist and want more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... especially for the singles. I am the one who requested this. Hope lots of people have fun with this. I am looking forward to more from my wants ... : )

catlebrity said...

Lots of great stuff here! Once again, someone -- well, two someones -- I'd never heard of and who I'm very happy to discover. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Aren't they from Boston?

Anonymous said...

I like it very much, thank you for this!

Ollie Stench said...

For anyone who isn't satisfied with the binary versions of these songs, J&J still have original sealed copies of the LP for sale via their web site.

Anonymous said...

This is coming out next year on a 2 lp set :)

the saucer people said...

I was just checking out the reissue of the 1982 Schaltkreis Wassermann album 'Psychotron' on Discogs (well worth getting though I am sure you guys have been all over it for years!) when I saw the cover of Flesh in the 'similar releases' and thought I would check out the "Mystery Chant" gods, where have Jeff and Jane Hudson been hiding all my life!

So I thought I would have a blog scan on the off-chance someone had posted the album maybe..not thinking that anyone would have posted their entire discography! Thats my weekend sorted!

I hope the reissue includes a CD version!

M said...

BRAND NEW JEFF & JANE HUDSON 12" SINGLE FOR PRE-ORDER. to hear single streamed and obtain ordering information. email for more details.