Sunday, March 25, 2007


Easily my favorite piece of the HNAS saga, this completely bonkers dada shitstorm is comprised of protozoically pulsating lopsided dollops of tweaked and dissected electro-pop remnants luridly frottaging fragments of detourned adverts, avuncular German narrators, the THX swell and sundry other tawdy castoffs of consumer culture caca in a way that makes this sound like nothing so much as Sylvie And Babs cutting the rug at Asmus Tietchens' Aroma Club.

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Anonymous said...

hi, this is shameless selfpromotion:
Frank Rowenta - Klänge Siziliens
fieldmuzick [fm.m03] black 3" mini CDr with a sinister mediterranean summer feeling
field recordings from sicily mixed with some primed noise and tunes.

Listen to the full album as webstream on the website.

Thank you for attention.
best - marcus

Anonymous said...

You guys never cease to amaze me! I was not aware of 95% of this stuff.

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...


(That was the avant-garde explosion, you see.)