Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Great instrumental progressive with lots of mood and tempo changes. Some strange, but interesting vocal arrangements occur occasionally. In essence the music focuses around melodic guitar and keyboard interplay, but paradoxically there is always a slight dissonance or angularity lurking that gives the music a great ominous feel. To me Fusioon sounds like nobody else, but you might hear elements of Gentle Giant, Pulsar and 70's Italian art rock. The influence of Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream seems to be present here.(Sjef Oellers, as reviewed in Gnosis)
Followin the previous post of their masterpiece Minorisa by vdoandsound here comes their 1st LP.
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Ryan Shepard said...

Either this stuff is stunningly ahead of its time, or it's pointing to piles of great records I haven't heard yet - either way, thanks very much for posting it.