Wednesday, March 28, 2007

→↑→ (aka Tsk Tsk Tsk)-Kim's 21st Birthday Party 09/05/1981,CD-r,1981/?,Australia

→ ↑ →, (pronounced 'tsk tsk tsk') and moreoften written (though wrongly) as "Tsk Tsk Tsk" or "Tch Tch Tch", was an Australian experimental musical group formed in Melbourne in 1977 by Philip Brophy, Ralph Traviato and Leigh Parkhill.
Sometimes compared to Andy Warhol's Factory collective, the group produced experimental music (Brophy on drums or synthesiser), films, videos, and live theatrical performances exploring Brophy's aesthetic and cultural interests, often on a minimal budget. Musically the group touched upon a wide range of styles including minimalism, punk rock, muzak, krautrock and disco, usually with no vocalist.
Over the ten years of the groups operation it involved over sixty of Brophy's friends and acquaintances including musician David Chesworth, and visual artists Maria Kozic and Jayne Stevenson. They performed in a wide range on Australian venues including pubs, galleries, university campuses and the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre. They also performed or exhibited in Europe, including London's Institute of Contemporary Arts. Brophy dissolved the group in the late 1980s, issuing a retrospective book in 1983: "Made by → ↑ →". He continued to work with his then partner Kozic for some time, prior to her relocation to New York.

Kim's 21st birthday party seemed like a slightly staid affair even if everyone is obviously having a good time. The sound quality is excellent, once again thanks to Tim V and the band play their party style set - which they would do to good effect when they had a minor underground hit with the Nice Noise EP. So there's versions of Funky Town, Eno's Third Uncle and Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part I spread amidst hard drumming originals. Even if they're playing this stuff with an arched eyebrow, it still sounds pretty damned good.

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a link to my page on this personal remaster - - would have been appreciated and the fact that the last paragraph is a complete grab from that page, unquoted, is likewise a bit rude.

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OMFG! (as the teenagers say) I spoke too soon. You have Laughing Hands.
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Hi Mutantsounds,

Just to let you know that over on my blog you will find Whirlywirld - The Complete Studio Recordings. I hope you enjoy it...

Thanks for all the great Aussie post-punk sounds