Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sympathy Nervous-s.t.,LP,1980,Japan,VANITY Records label.

I think many of you were waiting for this proto-electro/minimal synth/experimental Vanity recs gem!
get it here


Anonymous said...

fucking brilliant
What's the track listing anyone ?
Also anyone got bigger artwork or the back cover

I now also want the single that goes with this
Sympathy Nervous / Polaroid
Vanity Records (VA-S1) 1980

Here is his website
lots of sample Mp3s

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

thanks for posting the Sympathy Nervous. One less LP for me to rip...

Are you going to re-post the Normal Brain LP (previous post is missing Side B)?

I can also do it this week.

Anonymous said...

yes, i have been waiting to hear this entire album for many years now!!!!

thanks mutant sounds! the album is just simply amazing and Sympathy Nervous (Numa) is just pure genius.

why has this not been reissued? Probably because this world is too busy promoting modern bullshit and modern bullshit artist. The coolest shit in the past, present, and future will always come from the underground.

thanks again Mutant Sounds! You rule!

Anonymous said...

Atlantis Audio, are you able to specify the track list for this from your copy, plse?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


I was also looking for the track list, and I found it here:

There's a picture of the record's label where you can read this:

Vanity Records, 1980
Vanity 0007

Side A
1. A Worm
2. Go On And Off
3. Temperament
4. Deaf Picture

Side B
1. Automatic Type
2. Quick Starttype
3. Inverted Type
4. Sympathetic Nerves

the saucer people said...

Thanks so much for keeping the Sympathy Nervous 1980 album link live, three years after posting, that pretty damned astonishing!

This is where blogs such as Mutant Sounds really come into their own, providing not only an access point for "new" material but also an archive/repository for people like myself who stumble onto an artist/label years after everyone else has had numerous discussions about it and bought up all the cheap copies before the 'this is my living' collectors scoop the rest of the material up knowing the prices are going to skyrocket due to the removal of the records from the general circulation.

The Japanese Vanity label is a case in point, absolutely astounding ahead of it time releases and now at Discogs we have a couple of 7 Inch sleeves (no records!) going for 20 Euros and the actual vinyl reaching 100 plus Euros.
I am kinda astonished with the recent industrial-synthpop/coldwave (which term you use depends on whether you were old enough to hear it first time around) revival that there has not been a major retrospective of this label yet. Some of the tracks sound like they were made yesterday, really astonishing material.

Since the last post the wonderful Atlantis Audio Archive has posted a couple more Vanity 7 Inches and they are well worth a listen as is the record for this post of course.

Why are new obssessions always more expensive than the old ones!

PS> If anyone knows if there are any more Vanity Record releases doing the blog rounds it would be so cool if they could leave a link here (and I will do the same).