Friday, March 30, 2007


The best of the best Mexican progressive group and the best known abroad. Probably the only group in Mexico that has survived the harsh musical scene where other groups have just disappeared or gave up for the money. Founded in 1980 with Ricardo Moreno: Guitars, Ricardo Ortegon: Guitars, Rosa Flora Moreno: Keyboards, Victor Baldovinos: Drums and Nohemi d'Rubin: Bass. Initially a concert group, they created their own studio and released their first album in 1983: The self titled Iconoclasta, a rich blend of classical music, jazz and electronic/progressive music. Their second album: Reminiscencias brought international attention to the group and their third Suite Mexicana was a conceptual album based upon mexican classical music composers blended with prehispanic sounds; the result a nice progressive sound released in 1987 for the Mexican Independence celebration. By this time Rosa and Nohemi left the group with a compilation album released as a farewell. With their departure a search for replacements started. Since Ricardo was also playing in another super group: Praxis (that broke up at the same time in 1988), he invited Praxis guitarist: Hector Hernandez to join Iconoclasta; Alfredo Rigosa took over the bass and Ricardo switch to take command of the keyboards. With the new members new format they released "Adolescencia croncia" started a european tour where they won the international progressive contest "Exposure". The next album "En busca del sentido" earned the best album award and multiple awards followed: First place in the best international act, best group, Ricardo was nominated best international composer, Victor as best drummer and Alfredo as best bassist. Alfredo leaves the group in 1990, Juan Carlos Gutierrez took his place and Iconoclasta prepared for a concert in the most prestigious theater in Mexico City which was televised and recorded and released as "En Concierto". Once again a new changes occur when Juan leaves the group and Nohemi returns for the Anniversary concert in Tlatelolco while they continue to prepare their next album. In 1991 once again Hector leaves and the group remains as a quartet releasing "La reencarnacion de Maquiavelo" a concept album which shows Iconoclasta at its best. The group releases what is their latest album in 1994: " De Todos Uno" showing a mature group that in spite of commercial pressures remains at the forefront of progressive music. On June 4, 1999 they open for Gong during their presentation in Mexico and currently are working on their new CD "La Granja Humana" (The Human Farm)
Iconoclasta Reminiscencias (Reminiscence)
Suite Mexicana (Mexican Suite)
Siete Anos (7 years, compilation)
Adolescencia Cronica (Chronic Adolescence)
En Busca Del Sentido (In search of meaning)
En Concierto (Live)
La Reencarnacion De Maquiavelo (Machiavelo's reincarnation)
De Todos Uno (From all one)
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