Sunday, March 25, 2007


After exiting Piirpauke, Saastamoinen and colleague Pekka Nylund (also ex-Piirpauke) formed the radical and influential Pohjantahti, performing the most psychedelic electric-shaman music Finland and this world have ever witnessed. Most recent output from Saastamoinen are the three shamanistic operas featuring the Pohjantahti orchestra of electric and acoustic traditional instruments, choirs and soloists: "Velho" (The Sorcerer), "Riekko" (The Snow Grouse) and "Käärme" (The Serpent).
© Phillip Page 2002
Pohjantahti are:
Ilpo Saastamoinen (electric bass)
Pekka Nylund (electric guitar)
Arto Piispanen (keyboards)
Pekka Toivanen (Irish harp, keyboards)
Seppo Heikkonen (sax, clarinet)
Rami Eskelinen (percussion)

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