Monday, March 12, 2007

ITOH KIYOKO-23 Ji no Onna( woman at 24 hour love in),LP,1971,Japan

This was the final album Itoh recorded in 1971 and on this effort she got backed up by again a bunch of Tokyo underground heavy weights such as J.A. Seazer and Kuni Kawauchi of the Happenings Four. On this album, Itoh's talent is fully flowering and apart from merely eargasmatic songs she hushes into being, atmospheric city-life field recordings and sound snippets find their way in and between her compositions. These flashes of cosmopolitan Tokyo city life grandeur and the feeling of desperate desolation it tails along elevate her impeccable melancholic love ballads and softly erotic excursions to even higher levels of artistic expression, catapulting the whole affair towards eerie stratospheric heavenly delightful realms. Sadly enough, both of her albums failed to catch on, not poppy enough, too melancholic, way too creative, artistically too advanced, hard to categorize and probably even too erotically sophisticated without degrading herself to mere carnal sonic one hit wonders. In one word, a delicate soft psychedelic wonderland avenue of an album that will entrap simple airhead listeners into deadlock without giving them the chance to fully explore the absinthial pleasures it conceals. If one only cares to listen to what lies underneath its surface layer, a new form of aural addiction will commence to besiege you. One of the greatest underrated delicate psychedelic female vocal albums to seep out of Japan. Original copies just never surface and if they do, you have to trade in a limb to take one home with you.
Japanese psych porn music maybe?

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Anonymous said...

this file is another album,
it's "23ji no onna/love in".

Anonymous said...

Excellent album. A tracklist would be fantastic.


Robert said...

Romanized tracklist
01. Goji kara juji made no watashi
02. Poem: "Moshimo ryuusei ga..." Shiroi mori
03. Check Mate
04. Kiken kashira
05. Watashi ga michi o aruku toki
06. Chinmoku
07. Onna no sengen
08. Poem: "Papa oboeteiru?..."
09. Crayon
10. Dekigoto
11. Kyoujo
12. Poem: "Hitoribotchi no kokoro ga..."
13. Itsumo to onaji asa
Japanese may be found here:

Dirk said...

somewhat reminds me of kaji meiko

i got the album if your interested

Anonymous said...

amazing...thank you very much

Wagnerc said...

amazing...thank you very much

Anonymous said...

just great but can one of us mention the absolute excellent Sonoko from crammed disc 1989!
a super pop jem more modern and produced by colin newman and aksak maboul!

get a try!

Paolo Italia

the saucer people said...

Its always a pleasure when the synchro-mesh transports you to the 'wrong' page and you realise that in fact you are exactly where you should be!
Never come across Itoh Kiyoko before but I have a feeling an obsession is brewing, its so 'Other' it almost feels like an extraterrestrial artefact...Japanese psych porn groove! My new favourite genre!

Just to clarify, the title you have is "Ji no Onna (Woman at 24 Hour Love In" while the first comments say:

"this file is another album,
it's "23ji no onna/love in".

Any chance of clarifying which it is and more to the point, are there any more Itoh Kiyoko albums doing the blog rounds that you have come across?

Many thanks again for this.

DanP said...

Any chance of a lossless rip of this????!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Please repost! This is so difficult to find, and even if it shows up on eBay it's > $80 USD.

S. said...

Any chance of a repost?