Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Moral:And life is..., LP, 1984

Another crown jewel of the early 80s minimal electronics scene and very rare one....


Anonymous said...
I'm sorry for the complicated way of sending you these pics. I'm a downloader, nothing more nothing less. These as a thank you for your nice posts. All info I have is on sleeve.
My wishlist only contains the single "My little sisters is turning into Duane Eddy" by the Missing Presumed Dead, and anything from Roter Stern (Belgrad). Maybe you can help me with this.
Johan NL

mutantsounds said...

thank you very much

dmythsynth said...

Oh... Thanks for this one!
I listened some tracks of Moral on Flexi-pop comps. and now it`s great to get the whole thing.
Maybe you`ve got any of Matthias Schuster or Andi Arroganti`s projects records?
If so, it would be cool to see them posted on your superb blog.


mutantsounds said...

coming soon:
the 2 Moral tapes,
Matthias Schuster:Atemlos LP
almost complete early 80s discography of Andi Arroganti!
just relax and enjoy

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for sharing

why does moraland-life-is-lp-1984

have more tracks??? in discogs it has less


Anonymous said...

please upload this one on Megaupload

Anonymous said...

This is indeed one of the best minimal synth records there are. Thank you for letting me discover this gem!!!

Anonymous said...

great album, one of the best synth records out there