Sunday, April 1, 2007


Since the last Boredoms-related rarity I posted got such a positive response, here's two more. Sure Vision Creation Newsun has been loaded umpteen different times in as many blogs, but none of those posted have been the complete boxset 2xCD edition presented here. Disc two features a brain burning 35 minute live blowout that really makes all regular editions of this album seem sorely lacking. At this late date, everyone here is, I expect, of some opinion about the Boredoms, so there's no point in rehashing their history or making claims for their worth. I'll just say that while there is plenty of wild fun to be had with the original Boredoms' cartoonish conniption fits of spastic blat (much in evidence on the hellishly rare Super Roots 2 3" CD that I've also loaded, originally only available with initial Japanese copies of Chocolate Synthesizer) it wasn't 'til they decided to become space rock mavens circa Super AE that they were to really find their metier, their maximalist approach to this genre really reaching critical mass on Vision Creation Newsun. Utterly essential pieces, both.

Get Vision Creation Newsun disc one part one Here

Get Vision Creation Newsun disc one part two Here

Get Vision Creation Newsun disc two Here

Get Super Roots 2 Here


Anonymous said...

super post! this makes me so wet! Super Roots 2 completes my super roots collection! minus super roots 9, which is not out yet, but will fuck!shit!up!only the boredoms can make me speak in !'s.
It's really a bummer that we can't download T-shirts 'cause i hear the shirt included in the box set of VCN is hot—hot, some have told me it's super plain & white on white or something, still, i'm sure it beats the wackass homemade gayity of most boredoms shirts that people make & try OFFing on eBay. (Dotted Circle) on disc two is wonderful! that totally could have remained on the original record, but oh well, probably thought they need'd to trim the meat off this delightful beast. you are awesome for posting this, though i'm a little resentful, still lots of love for sharing this! you guys rule!

love, as always
panagiotis a. stathis

Theo said...

this really is fantastic
THANKS so much!

JW said...

I like the Mooncidal Cendencies remix on the VCN EP (the disk with the "Circle" extended version, Mooncidal, and then a UOREDOMS trax)

Anonymous said...

re: part 1 - it appears only the first 4 tracks exist here. according to discogs there are 9 tracks.

thanks for part 2 - Boredoms fuckin' ROCK!

panagiotis A. stathis said...

it's Super Roots 9 everybody!!!!!!!!

prepare yrself for a blown mind, this beast is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

i love you

Anonymous said...