Wednesday, April 18, 2007

THE FIBONACCIS-(fi-bo-na-chez) 12" EP, 1982, USA

The sensational debut EP from the worlds first and only spaghetti western cabaret fu-manchu-faux-orientalia casio wave art pop outfit. Led by charismatic Korean loony Maggie Song (she can be found wild-eyed and waxing rhapsodic about sheep trotters in Stephen Sayadian's classic film Caligari) the Fibs were one of the first experimental bands to warp my impressionable teenage brain back in the 80's. Essential stuff.

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attentioneconomy said...


true crazy happiness!!

Princess Sparkle Pony said...


Their 12" single Tumor/Psycho is great, too.

Anonymous said...

Could you please also post their 12" single Tumor/Psycho?

Thanks. Also for this superb blog!

Like the German stuff especially.