Tuesday, April 10, 2007


More lost demented ditherings from Heeman, Flaam and friends. The fantastic Runter tape (one of their best) finds our boys at the most eerie and atmospheric (well, relatively speaking) end of their aesthetic tether, often sounding rather more like Holland's De Fabriek than the proactively zany material on their other tapes. Lottogluck starts out on much the same mysterious footing, but eventually gives way to the unbridled looniness we've come to expect from them. Note: the lengthy Runter Da...has been divided into two parts.

Get Runter Da, Zimtsterne Und Baghwan part 1 Here

Get Runter Da, Zimtsterne Und Baghwan part 2 Here

Get Lottogluck Unt Here


Anonymous said...

To all of those having difficulty extracting the Runter Da archives with WinRAR because whoever made the archive decided to use a folder name containing ... which is verboten in Windows, you can extract them using the 7-zip program.

Anonymous said...

How many more of these HNAS obscurities are there!?! I thought the well ran dry a while ago, but I'm glad it hasn't.

vdoandsound said...

anonymous #1-Yup...that was a definite gaffe on my part! I've just re-uploaded the two links without the "..." at the end of the titles.

RisingRunner said...

Thank you so very much for the HNAS. You guys continue to amaze me with the stuff that you are making available. A definite embarrassment of riches !!!

As a side note, I recently posted Nash the Slash's Decomposing EP over at SkaFunkRastaPunk. I'm sure that everyone here already has this, but just in case:

Thanks again,

wmmberger said...


Thanks for all these H.N.A.S. cassette posts. For a while in the mid-80s, I was an H.N.A.S. completionist, buying stuff directly from Achim Flaam (back in the pre-PayPal days when you still needed to get an I.M.O. in Deutsche Marks.) Then I bought the "...Feuerspritze" tape and became leery of feeling that I need to purchase every single cassette release. I was wrong. These two presented here are especially great. Thanks again.

djbethell said...

Rising Runner, God bless ya' for the Nash The Slash 33/45/78 L.P. Beautiful!