Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jon Appleton - Appleton Syntonic Menagerie ,LP,1969,USA

Jon Appleton, born in Hollywood (1939) but mainly active in New York, was one of the pioneers of electronic music. His work on Syntonic Menagerie (Flying Dutchman, 1969), and Human Music (Flying Dutchman, 1970), with Don Cherry, introduced electronic instruments to a wider audience. Other compositions were collected on The World Music Theatre (Folkways, 1976), Music for Synclavier and Other Digital Systems (Folkways, 1979) Four Fantasies For Synclavier (Folkways, 1982), Two Melodramas for Synclavier (Folkways, 1982). Contes de la Memoire (Empreintes Digitales, 1996) is a compilation of compositions from different eras.
Syntonic Menagerie 2 (Phonomena, 2003)

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Dusan said...

thx so much! you know, i wasnt even born whan this was recorded(like most of recs that i listen to) so cant wait to listen to this one.

somogyvari said...

Really strange and interesting stuff. Somewhat like Dark side of the moon and Revolution 9, it's got the some of that likable mixture of fun, weirdness and nostalgia

ghostrancedance said...

Thanks! Many moons ago I had this recording... Now, thanks to you, it lives again.

God said...

Thanks.... never heard of this. Always of the lookout for jazz with electronic music... cheers.

Gartner said...

Many Thanks por this Post, nice to heard, Ambient interesting stuff from that time, i'm Building one Blog for the Electronic Music Audio History, just started.

Thanks Again

CarneZafiro said...

Amazing! A true Gem!
Muchas Gracias!

I would like to recommend you, in the most modest way, the cuban electroacoustic pioneer Juan Blanco, you can find some of his amazing stuff on this brazilian blog:

I wouldnt be surprised if you know him already.

Respeto y Admiración!