Saturday, April 21, 2007

V. A. -White Column Noise Festival Tape,tape,1982,USA

Compilation of performances taken from the June 1981 Noise Festival conceived by Thurston in NYC at White Columns. Sonic Youth made one of their first live appearances at this show, prior to Lee even joining the band (he did perform at the festival, however, with David Linton), and their full set consisted of 4 unique pieces. Their track on this compilation is the 3rd song from their performance, featuring Thurston on guitar, Kim on bass and vocals, Richard Edson on drums, and Ann DeMarinis on vocals and keyboards. Lee's track also appeared on his "East Jesus" album. Note the compete Sonic Youth performance is included here as bonus!
In mid '81, Kim and Josh Baer convinced Thurston to organize a 9-day noise festival to accommodate underemployed experimental performers in the downtown scene. The festival was held in the White Columns gallery, which had a capacity of 60 people. Each night three to five acts performed, including Glenn Branca (whom Lee also performed with), Rhys Chatham, Jeffrey Lohn, Dog Eat Dog, Built on Guilt, Rudolph Grey, the Avant Squares, Mofungo, Red Decade, Robin Crutchfield's Dark Day, Ad Hoc Rock, Smoking Section, Chinese Puzzle, Avoidance Behaviour, and, of course, Sonic Youth.


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