Sunday, April 15, 2007

V/A:La Muse Vénale,tape,1985,France

Very rare and obscure French minimal synth compilation featuring:VISION BAROQUE/CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE/LOCAL PASSION/WITHOUT SENSE/SEVENTEEN STEPS/MARTIN DUPONT/CLOSED SECTION/FORMES NOUVELLES.No pic sleeve scans...any help will be appreciated!

get it here


Picard said...

I just saw the title of this tape and jumped on the link! I heard of this tape nearly one decade ago: these bands were mainly from Marseille, Martin Dupont being the most famous (their LPs should be reissued this year).
I will try and find some pictures of the sleeve (maybe on Martin Dupont's site).

SHDR said...

Hi There,

For all those who love Formes Nouvelles from this Muse vénale Compilation, SHDR Label have remastered a collector CD of the band Formes Nouvelles + 4 new songs (Colours Now, Colony, A Dying Hope new version + Ice and Honey)

To listen 4 of the CD tracks :

To order the CD ( Ref. SD007 ) :

More news here :

Thanks for all & for posting "La Muse Vénale" Tape here ;)

mrsblucher said...

There's a pic for La Muse Venale here:
It's from the blog of some scumbag who's charging for the tracks, so I'm not linking directly to his page!

Anonymous said...

Where are the Formes Nouvelles tracks?


Anonymous said...

The band's name isn't "closed section" but "closed session", i'm sure because it's my band...Fred

Dissociative Anesthesia said...

Have the Formes Nouvelles been deleted from the current zip file?

Einsleider said...

Hello to all! May be something know where i can buy this tape? I try find it more than 3 years, but without success(
Please, if anybody can sell it to me, write free ( , i can offer good price.