Sunday, April 15, 2007

V/A:Pas De Deux,Lp,1985,Spain

Another great minimal synth/experimental Auxilio De Cientos release from 1985.
A1 Bene Gesserit You Can Dance It If You Want (3:39)
A2 Algebra Suicide Waiting For Delmore (2:55)
A3 Psyclones The Drugstore (5:08)
A4 Deux Pingouins Le Chien (3:33)
A5 Viscera Silent Friend (1:46)
A6 Algebra Suicide Gist (2:07)
A7 Influenza Prods. Confucius (3:41)
B1 Enhänta Bödlar Akaphi Ad Ultimatum (5:05)
B2 Diseño Corbusier Ritmo (3:37)
B3 Lied And Die Freude On The Rate Line (4:32)
B4 Bene Gesserit So Far From Asia (3:08)
B5 Deux Pingouins Le Plongeon (3:42)
B6 Cheiron Land After Life (4:55)
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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!!!
I hear from this record when it was released. I taped then a couple of his songs from a broadcasting station and now, 22 years after, I can get it thanks to you!!!
Thanks indeed.
You can download some spanish experimental electronic music of the 80's from my website -Cloruro Sónico section-. said...

any chance of a re-up or does can anyone help me find a digital copy? pleasecontact me.
thanks so much.