Saturday, July 7, 2007

AXIS "Axis" LP 1973 (Greece)

After the glorious entrance to the progressive rock pantheon of the "666" album by APHRODITE'S CHILD, AXIS were the next greek band to conquer recognition with a progressive rock adaptation of the traditional greek song "Ela, ela" from their debut 1971 album. Based in Paris, they dwelled deeper into a mixture of heavy rock, canterbury influenced progressive and byzantine music for their second full length "Axis" (released on the Riviera label). Consisting of playful twists between vionent proto-progressive styles, technical jams and greek traditional soundschemes it is an astonishing album, utterly recommended for a listen. A rarity only released in France and Canada.

Get it here.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic jazz-canterburish group!! Thank you very much for this post!!
If you have the other lp's from axis please post it.

avantgarterbelt said...

LPs? I've heard the one following this was even better...much more on the Canterbury side of things. Would indeed be nice to hear it. Anyone? You guys have a great thing going here.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the first AXIS album to post? I've had it on cassette for years -- I understand there are two versions, one with some tracks that veer more to "prog" material than what I have. I want the more "'60s psych" one I have. I have enough "prog" and "Canterbury" stuff to last a lifetime!

John, Seattle area