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Banda do Casaco- Dos beneficios de um vendido no reino dos bonifacios,LP,1974,Portugal

Banda do Casaco, a group whose music is based at the same time in the deep roots of tradition with cosmopolitan influences and in an urbanity still very marked by the rural and work Portugal cultures. The lyrics are very sarcastic, ironic and lucid.Musically, the group made in Portugal (in Rádio Triunfo studios) what José Mário Branco and José Afonso had made in France (in Strawberry studios) 3 years before: a completely vanguardist sound and inteligent arrangements.
The use of the 8 musicians and its instruments potencials put the listner in front of a surprizing and stimulating debut album. We must notice the string instruments (violin, guitars and cellos) and the two female vocal singers' performance (Judi Brennan and Helena Afonso).
For its magnificent arrangements, we must mention some songs: 3 - the folk and popular tales in the percussions and flute arrangements (“Vade retro Satanás / T’arrenego Belzebu / Ai Jesus cruzes canhoto / Lagarto, lagarto, lagarto”); 4 - a typical progressive construction, with part changes (note as the candle and religion smells gets to our noses when the two singers say cantam “(chegaram carros àquela igreja) toda enfeitada” \ "(cars arrived to that church) well ornamented"; 5 - a nice melody achieved by voices, guitars and violin (it remembers “Linda Pastorinha”, recorded in 79 by Almanaque, a record produced by Nuno Rodrigues, the same composer of almost songs of this Banda do Casaco album); 7 - the inicial folklore, based on violin and with a second part majestically epic, with trumpet in the back and the cellos dramatic sounding; 9 - a monster speakes in a cave and a female melody echoes, enprisioned; by the 25 second and until the end of the first section the contrabass and guitar reminds “Era Um Redondo Vocábulo”, by José Afonso (1973) 10 - melody based at piano and vibraphone with a electric guitar arrangements that sound King Crimson and Robert Fripp in “Moonchild” (1969).
After one hears this first album we might think time hasn't passed. Or that was no time to pass even. More that 30 years after its original release, this time is still unprepared to these songs.
Great complex folk progressive LP ,with much use of violin,flutes,acoustic guitar by the band thar came from the remains of Filarmónica Fraude.

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Anonymous said...

Hi if you are interested , tell me where I can upload other banda do caso albums , or other portuguese rarities like Corpo Diplomático
Please send feed back for m4p [at] m4pt [dot] com:
And my veneration to such a work that I can see now beause I live in Portugal and could never have access to such rare pearls.

lomptz said...

Thx! That's a really nice one.

Carliux said...

Why the link failed??
It's a shame I can't hear this gem!
Cheers from Mexico

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this Banda Do Casaco album. Really lovely stuff, and very creative - a pleasure to listen to!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Here goes an alternative link:

Banda do Casaco - Dos benefícios dum vendido no reino dos bonifácios (1975)

And the one that is often considered their best album:

Banda do Casaco - Hoje há conquilhas, amanhã não sabemos (1977)