Wednesday, July 4, 2007

CORE "Chants Of Race & Emptiness" LP 1988 (Germany)

Delightful sound disturbance by a CRANIOCLAST offshoot. Deep ambient industrial soundscapes, subtle hammered rhythms, menacing electronic sounds and obscured voices with an influence from droning NURSE WITH WOUND. Released on vinyl February 1988 and published in a revised edition November 1993.
Track list:
Side A
1 Being There
2 Falling
3 In Burning Water
4 Meander
5 Motionless
6 In All Directions
Side B
1 The Waves Overhead
2 At The End Of The Concrete
3 A Screw Turns Into A Scream

Get it here.


marcus said...

thanks for that - CORE was a really great soundproject - I own the 7" and the other album and this is the one I need have too! Thanks thanks thanks!

Anonymous said...

this is indeed a great offering from the clan of cranioclast. anyone out there know of a posting for kettenwindel by kallabris?

dystonia ek said...

The tracks in this zip have different titles than the LP I have - on mine the sides are labelled 'formation' and 'procession' and the track titles are as listed at :

spacefreak said...

You 're richt. I erroneously transferred the track list from the insert. Post is now corrected. Thanks for noticing!