Saturday, July 7, 2007

Corpo Diplomático-Música Moderna,LP,1979+A Festa do Bruno,7",1979,Portugal

One of the best punk/post punk acts that came out from Portugal.Punk?Post punk?....errr not exactly...Some electronic /improvisation hnts can be found reminding much Alternative TV(more popish),Pere Ubu,etc.Anyway,an excellent amusing LP,absolutely essential.

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Anonymous said...

Hi MutantSounds
Thanks a lot for this one a rare portuguese LP .. that became the famous portuguese band Heróis do Mar ...
If you go in soulseek my username is charlie777pt ..just send a message if you need help on rare portuguese LPs dont have ...which I doubt ..hehe ... just send a message

Anonymous said...

Mas a maior raridade foi mesmo ter arranjado finalmente os Anar Band. In english: the best discovery in terms of portuguese's music on mutant-sounds, is for me the Anar Band, a project which I was searching a long time ago.

casimiro mutante said...

parece que o link deixou de funcionar mas encontrei um forum q dá para baixar o álbum,