Thursday, July 12, 2007


A thing of Neue Deutsche Welle beauty, Der Gotling alternate between swaddling your brain in a warm, warped and wooly blanket of haunting but distant instrumental minimal synth etudes and aggressively exploding into a variegated array of visceral pulse-pounding tactics, the gloriously glazed giving way the the bracingly fucked at a moments notice.

Get Side A Here

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Anonymous said...

This tape a great one! One of the most interesting NDW tapes that you posted Vdoandsound.

Hey Vdoandsound, how did you collect all your NDW tapes? On ebay or something?


Bee said...

Another great albums, thanks once again!

The Gøtling was a project of Stephan Kirch, Viola Sommer (violin) and Gregor Schumann (guitar). The cassette posted here is from 1986. Information provided by .

vdoandsound said...

H.M.-Most were obtained all at once as part of a collection I bought.

Bee-Thanks for providing that info!

Anonymous said...

sounds great, thanks again!