Sunday, July 1, 2007


This was the project of one Dorian Feller, who's memberships in mutant fringe R.I.O. units Look De Bouk (whom I'l be posting work by soon) and Germain Hubert Ales (which I already posted as part of my first Alphabetical Singles uploads) makes him something of an unacknowledged kingpin of French underground musical lunacy. With Rock Feller, the emphasis is on precisely what's implied, though his vision of "rock" as evidenced here correlates more with the giddy post punk malformations of The Homosexuals than most of what was transpiring in France at the time. A thing of rare beauty, this is and just about the most obscure record on Denis Tagu's Ayaa imprint (effectively, the French Recommended Records) to boot.

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MARK said...

Two oriental requests from the 60's-70's : OM SHANTI-WE ARE HOME // SUFI CHOIR. Thanks for everything , MARK

saint-zou said...

Hello from France.
Dorian feller is one of my good friend and i give you his myspace.

uncle_alex said...

Rock Feller - this is SO GOOD. OMG. omgomgomg. so good. thank you.

mow said...

thanx for your labour and endless (?) discoveries.
Yet D. Tagu was not the leading force for ayaa, it was rather dominique diebold, also of look de bouk (etienne himalaya)