Monday, July 2, 2007

Schleimer K-st,LP,1981+Fugitive Kind,12"e.p,1982,UK

One of the best UK synth/post punk/experimental acts here.Dark ,icy synth sounds with anxious vocals as good as Aerial FX ,Transparent Illusion LPs.Sometimes touching the experimental edges .Their LP Wounded Wood coming very soon.
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spacefreak said...

Great post Jim. I 've been after this one for ages. Yoy rule!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! been waiting for the 12" inch and Wounded Wound forever.
thank you

roman empire said...

wounded woods - or wounded wood - not wound - im'n not sure but i think that's the right title.
anyways, i would love to hear that record again!!
cheers + keep on keeping on!

Mg said...


ludwog vantronix said...

This is the greatest blog of all times.