Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This was the final album by this German band of arch surrealists and, much like their Musik Fur Schuhgeschafte CD that preceded it (and which I posted last week), it's long been subject to dismissive rhetoric from it's creators, to which I say "Bah!". As with their prior missive, Willkur Nach Noten may not be the product of a cohesive group mind, presenting as it does the ideas of Heemann, Flaam and Martin in more piecemeal fashion, but that's no mark against this album, which shares both Musik Fur Schuhgeschafte's thematic schizophrenia and ambitious scope. With it trance inducing krautrock-centric vibe, a track like "Hirse (H.N.A.S.)" sits next to Heemann and Martin's sublime "Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen" double CD as some of the finest music ever created by these gents; one small facet of an album laden with sharp ideas sharply realized. Hectic swarms of effected Nurse With Wound-like female vocal jabber, thick wedges of druggy atmospherics suggestive of Heemann's initial solo forays that were soon to follow, gauzy and lopsided instrumental pseudo-pop, scrambed schlager kitsch...Willkur Nach Noten contains pretty much everything you'd want in a H.N.A.S. album. It's a thing of sick beauty and a high water mark for all involved parties.

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Peteykins said...

I'm very thankful for this, as I think it's the only HNAS release I hadn't heard up to this point.

It's good, but it doesn't exactly rock my world. Some of it does seem a little like "phoning it in" to me. Still, though, I'll take this over 99.9% of the other garbage out there.

Again: very appreciative!