Thursday, April 23, 2009


The latest missive from Snatch Tapes/Storm Bugs mastermind Philip Sanderson, whom Jim has covered at length previously via posts of his Telephone Music, Through A Telephone Box Darkly and Verdenskang projects is a web-only release of gobsmackingly great surrealist clusterfuckery refashioned from vivisected fragments sourced from the entirety of the Snatch tapes archive. Swarming subterranean electronic malevolence bleeds into antiquated Hauntological ghostings that are then sheared at right angles by a Cupol-like and hermetically bleak species of minimal synthiness. An apex of queasy delirium for your predilection, it can be found by heading over to Sanderson's site Here


Unknown said...

And don't forget to pick up Sanderson's critically acclaimed Seal Pool Sounds CD on the Seal Pool label.

Anonymous said...

Very nice stuff indeed - I have the Seal Pool CD and think I actually prefer this - much more cut up, though its worth checking the Seal thing out as well

Greyor said...

This is absolutely brilliant.

Unknown said...

Спасибо вам за этот потрясающий сайт!

Anonymous said...

This may seem blasphemous, but it really sounds great if you play the two tracks simultaneously. They work beautifully together.

Test Chimp 48 said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this blog. I've found stuff I never thought I'd hear again along with swell new treasures. Just started a site myself so please drop by and say hello. I have linked to you and will probably refer to you quite often if you don't mind (and if anybody ever looks at my blog!) Anyway, thanks again for the hours of pleasure your site has given me.

Anonymous said...

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genericPlacebo said...

got the telephone darkly, and can predict that this will be just as worthy, fits in nicely with everything you post these days,
thanks again!

. said...

Hello, Mutant Sounds!

Thanks for the great work!

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CBD said...

Hi...I know this is an incredibly irritating and incongruous question but does anyone know the manager of the "eatyrartout" blog? How is one able to request membership to this? Again, sorry if this is out of line or whatnot...thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Find more PHILIP SANDERSON in my mp3blog and forum searches:


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