Thursday, April 23, 2009


Quite fine minimal synth moves from Dutchman Aldomir Zimmerman that does a bang up job (despite the worryingly late date for this sorta thing) of carrying on from the aesthetic stances set forth a few years earlier by his precursors in Van Kaye & Ignit and Ende Schneafliet, while also tacking sharply at times in the direction of the smirky zaniness of Swiss Casio-poppers Guyer's Connection.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome record...and please,if possible...
do bring us more like this one! ;-)

Thanks for all,MutantSounds' guys...
i really wouldn't be exaggerating if telling,
that my music universe radically changed during last two years...we all sure owe you a lot.

anthony said...

Hi, this is an excellent album, thanks a lot for posting this one.
If you have the Peter Westheimer "Laminex Lovers" EP from 1983 can you also please post that too,
Thanks a lot