Sunday, May 3, 2009


Following my posts of the Ives brothers first two aerated and delicately eccentric LP's, here's their equally stunning follow up, which maneuvers within a similarly finespun Cornell box sonic universe as does Pascal Comelade; all pixie dusted plink/chime motifs and subtly screwy gossamer arrangements cross cut by slipstreams of subdued wooze.

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ted mills said...

Love it!

BTW, I am working on getting an interview with the elusive Ives I know you're a fan I'll let you know.

Mush said...

yes, more Woo! Many thanks, some of my favourite music discovered via MS. You've made my week already and it hasn't even finished downloading.

fuzztunnel said...

Yes! Much thanks for this one. The two Woo LPs are perennial favorites down my way.

Anonymous said...

YYESSSSSS 'T was really hard to find!! thannnks i love you
yours Poseur Rome

Salaried Man Club said...

A huge thank you for introducing me to these brothers, whom I imagine give the vibe of New Age yogo instructors that drink Kombucha. Fine with me, as long as you produce otherwordly, brilliant music.


amazing!!! also one of my favourite
mutant discoveries!!! thank you bunches!! anyone know if there are ties to savage republic?

michael said...

What a surprise an old proghead like me not just liking but loving these sounds ty so in this old dog yet :)

Anonymous said...


This is the most unspeakably twee music I've heard in ages!

This is freakingly awesome!


Gaspata said...


any other bands to recommend in the same vein ?
Comeladesque or such?
thank you!