Saturday, June 12, 2010


Legendary fire tongued free sax blasting madman Arthur Doyle has led this wild and wooly ensemble that mates him with Majora label artist Leslie Q. and folks from Temple Of Bon Matin and Coffee for some ten years now, dropping releases along the way on imprints like Ecstatic Yod and Qbico. Issued in an edition of only 60 copies, National Conspiracy finds Doyle and this crew making tape mangled and spaghetti tangled mischief out of recordings of their already wonkily unstable sounding gigs; the manhandled end results landing not far afield from something like Smegma.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for all the Doyle and Coffee related!!! great stuff !!!

Anonymous said...

These are some incredibly adventurous mind-bending sounds! Reminds me of what people like Mnemonists were up to back in the day. Thanks for the post!

GRK. said...


Anonymous said...

I'm happy 2 say, god wiLLing; i wiLL b seeing arthur next month for a quick tour of europe...thank Q 4 tha kind werds...arthur is a good friend. I'm honored 2 have such tremendous inspiring folks in mi vida. peace Love and harmony eLQ

Nikki Light said...

Rest In Peace Dave Cross of coffee and god bless his family and children. a good friend and supporter kind funny witty driven and brave smart and inspired. xox