Saturday, December 31, 2011


With a roster that reads a bit like a supergroup from the 90's German experimental electronica scene (Groenland Orchester/Nova Huta mastermind Gunter Reznicek and serial Felix Kubin collaborator Pia Burnette appear here alongside Helgoland founder Rudi Burr, whose CD EP together with Reznicek "The German Face" I shared a while back), Helgoland on this debut outing of theirs actually exist at a distinct remove from any anticipations those associations might suggest, including expectations based on the Helgoland music that would follow via their brilliant and distinctly zany avant electropop confections on Kubin's Psychoscifipoppia compilation LP and their 2001 Media Music EP on Storage. Instead, the 99 dadaist blasts that emerge from your speakers like a never ending string of anal beads are purely the after-effect of a diet over-rich in Ruins, Naked City, Boredoms and Melt Banana. Surely not what you'd anticipate, but a cheerful eruption of inspired gibberish to while away the hours with regardless.

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mic said...

Hi vdoandsound.

Thanks for posting this and thanks for that great review.

To anyone who wants to have an original CD of "Helgoland and band 99": Write to michel2000 [at]

I have a few left and want to get them out. It's for free!

More free Helgoland tracks at


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Myles said...

wow, thank you both mic and eric!

Mowgle said...

so very charmed by this group. thank you for the review, hope i can share something with you