Thursday, December 8, 2011


Delicately percolating Neue Deutsche Welle loveliness with a distinctly bare bones and naif touch that dovetails insistent bass themes with cheap rhythm box bonk and sweet female blather toward ends that exhibits both a hangover from The Young Marble Giants and a direct line of investigation to tactics later pursued by France's X-Ray Pop.

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Anonymous said...

Love this! Striking similarities to Young Marble Giants (which I also love).

Thomas Kyhn said...

One more request. Would you happen to have the Molto Brutto album (Austria, 1982)?

Here's the Discogs page:

And a track on YouTube:

Holly said...

Very nice, thank you!

Can preview on you tube by searching for 'instant music band germany'

Anonymous said...

your records are amazing.most of them i don't like but i can't stop researchin int them thanks for the time you take.greetings from the patagonia mountains in argentina