Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clock DVA:White souls in black suits, tape/LP, 1980

ClockDVA release their first official album WHITE SOULS IN BLACK SUITS viaan invitation from Throbbing Gristle to be released on their Industrial Recordslabel as a cassette release only. The album itself is a raw pre-amble prior tothe Formation of Thirst. Taken from fifteen hours of improvisational sessions afive member version of DVA recorded the sessions via a mobile recordingunit.The album was mixed and produced at Caberet Voltaires Western Worksstudio. The album includes a tape chance montage sequence in collaboration withChris Watson. Richard H Kirk and Stephen Mallider engineered and co-producedin collaboration with DVA.
WHITE SOULS IN BLACK SUITSIndustrial Records IRC31 [MC][UK]Original came with a 10 page A4 Booklet containing Images and Words.
Italian Records EX24 [LP][ITAL] (1982 & 1990 re-release)
Contempo CONTEDISC 157 [CD][ITAL](1992 re-release)
CONTE 157 [LP](1992 re-release)[Limited 1000 Copies]
CONTE 157X [LP](color vinyl re-release)
CONTAPE 157[MC](1992 re-release)
1. Consent (5:05)
2. Discontentment (1&2) (6:03)
3. Still /Silent (7:22)
4. Non (11:07)
5. Relentless (5:27)
6. Contradict (5:23)
7. Anti-Chance (14:08)(Soundtrack; Keyboards assemble themselves At Dawn)
Adi Newton
Stephen James "Judd" Turner
David J. Hammond
Roger Quail
Charlie Collins


Anonymous said...

Nice one! x

greyzone1971 said...


any chance of posting the DVA 12"s on Polydor -- "high holy disco mass", "passions still aflame"? to my knowledge these are the only DVA things that have never been reissued.

keep up the great work! BTW especially love your postings of all the weird 1970s surreal synth stuff.

Anonymous said...

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFinally I,m always listen many story about this tape but never listen 'til now many thanks... when someone posting the rip rig & panic project cause my vinil scratch alot