Monday, January 22, 2007

Semool:Essais , LP, 1971,France (NWW List!)

Philippe Martineau, Oliver Cauquil, and Remy Dede Dreano.
Futura LP (Musique-Contemporaire series #02) as seen on The Nurse With Wound List, recorded in Paris between January 1969 to March 1971. 11 'essays' by the trio of Philippe Martineau (G/P), Olivier Cauquil (G/P), and Remy Dede Dreano (D) employing all sorts of ill-advised studio trickery under the incapable sonic direction of Gerard Terrones (makes the Mahogany Brain Smooth Slick Lights LP seem positively 24/96). Damaged beyond repair (effectively totalled), it's a wild ride of questionably doltish (alternatively outsider-brilliant) ramblings and found-sound experiments, SO much tape delay and outboard muck, treated piano solos, accidental feedback generation, borrowed/stolen motifs (Essai 1 briefly dips into a misinterpreted take of Interstellar Overdrive, Essai 3 ganks the riff from Black Sabbath). Ultimately patience-trying but so lovely and earnest (the purity of their hallucinogen of choice never once comes into question). Anyone with a remote tolerance for say... the No Neck Blues Band might want to investigate into an instance of their aesthetic beaten to (a pulp) by a window of about 25 years, without all that pesky baseless spiritualism getting in the way (just a thought). If the Fille Qui Mousse Trixie Stapleton ... LP rates in your universe, here it's Basket Case-lineage mutant half brother and glow. Consummately inept and essential!!! Amazing where the musical soul will travel with a few well placed microdots.
Absolute masterpiece realeased through Futura label!


Anonymous said...

A very very overrated piece!
Only for people who can't see any difference between laziness and genius...
Well, that's my personal point of view!
But thanks for sharing anyway : 200 euros an item, I couldhave never listened to Semool without you!


Richard said...

I can't see any difference between laziness and this is for me! I'm just a dumb English fuck, I guess! Thanks for posting it! A great record!

brian h said...

i'm with richard (except i'm an american (worse yet?))... in fact, i'll go further -- laziness IS genius! thanks for posting this.