Wednesday, January 17, 2007

V/A:LAFMS 'The Emergency Casette' VOL.1+2

The Los Angeles Free Music Society, formed around Tom Recchion in 1972, was a collective of underground artists loosely inspired by Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart (but also all jazz and classical avantgarde movements). Le Forte Four, who released four lunatic electronic-folk albums starting with Bikini Tennis Shoes (1974), Doo-Dooettes (two albums), Smegma (one album) and Airway (one album) were some of the performers devoted to free improvisation, abstract cacophony and demented chanting.

'The Emergency Casette' Volume 1Light Bulb Magazine Number Four
Journal Of The Los Angels Free Music Society01 Tomm Recchion And The Friends Of Leslie-I Walk Through Walls
02 Monique-Bathroom
03 Jad Fair-Kristy
04 Doug Snyder-Imaginary Descenders
05 Creatures Lives-Freedom Like A Burning Wall
06 Smegma-#2
07 Peepland-Mark Stuber
08 The Lunchmen-Rock With Three Eyes
09 John Duncan-LBMA
10 International Language-Angels
11 Duba/Sansome-Limbo Sock
12 30 Windswept Dimes-Nestor Carbuncles
13 Decayes-Dancehall
14 45 Grave-Bobby
15 Half Bodied Baby-The Bullfrogs
16 Human Hands-She Eats Bugs
17 Neef-Gondwanland
18 Glo-Bin Treeflip-No Title
19 Bachelors Even-Tes Lolos Tremolos
20 Rick Potts-Draw Spunky
21 Bridge-Countdown
22 Fragile Hats-Suddenly...
23 Fredrik Nilsen-Our First Date

The Emergency Cassette Volume 2
Light Bulb Magazine
Los Angeles Free Music Society01 Jes Grew-Another Chance To Lose
02 Bpeople-Give Up
03 Phranc-I Like Life
04 Asmus Titchens-Club Of Rome
05 Them Rhythm Ants-50 Opinions
06 Tiny Holes-Billy
07 Random Samples-Random Sample
08 Flap-Pablo Kwell
09 Tela Conversion-Take Possess
10 Meat Puppets-Meat Puppets
11 Doodooettes-That Moment
12 Pep Lester-It's No Fair
13 Bridge-Untitled
14 Cameron Hands Penis Envy-Room With A View
15 Dennis Duck-Dogs Don't Drive
16 Brent Wilcox-Santa Fe Dub
17 Planet Z-Jungle Rot
18 Arrow Book Club-Morris Time
19 Bruce Licher-Compositions For Computer#1
20 Slimy Adenoid & The Fab Pabs-Twist & Squirm
21 Rick Potts & His Riddle Orchestra-I'm Dickens, He's Fenster
22 The Tribal Fops-Blue Pork Chops
23 Bill Noland-Helen Does A Waltz
24 Foundation Boo-X-Land


Anonymous said...

Many thanx for a great post!
Go there for a Darker Skratcher LAFMS sampler --
Thank you for all other excellent post [eg. Szajner, Frohmader]. Hello to Gamilan!

*uncle dapony*

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the LAFMS Emergency Cassette post ! I used to have the Lowest Form of Music 10CD boxset on my hard drive and lost it after my computer crashed. Any idea where I could find it ?

mutantsounds said...

here maybe?:)

Anonymous said...

where's the jad fair track? it wasn't in the download. that's one of the only jad fair / half japanese tracks i haven't been able to find and was bummed. but man, this site's great. thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome set! Thanks!

PS - Does anyone have the three missing tracks?

Anonymous said...

A former Tribal Fops lunatic says, Thanks! I'll have to look around for that Jad Fair tack...

halfnormal said...

i can't get the part 2 archive to open. it says "format error"///? pleaase re-up?

poot said...

link has expired, would be extemely kind of you to re-up ?? poot x

Anonymous said...

Not totally sure, but it sounds like Curt from Meat Puppets is talking along with someone else during the International Language track. It sounds like his voice, but it's hard to say for sure. Makes sense though since they were in that scene at the time, and they are on the tape too...

Demnevanni said...

Hey. Thanks so much for posting this! The 3rd track off the first side and the 16th track off the second side seem to not be included (it's not that they're failing to extract, they're actually not even part of the .rar files). any way you could re-post them somehow? thanks! and thanks again for an awesome post for a much-needed release!

Demnevanni said...

Also, track 22 from the first side isn't included either. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't seem to get part 2 to open. "format error". can someone re-post a part 2 of this that opens? thanks!