Sunday, January 21, 2007

V/A:Subtle Hints, LP ,UK, 1983

This is the rare Comp Lp by Undiscovered synth/Electropop bands from the early 80s..The record here is from 1983 on the sane label..This was the first release on the Sane label and was put together because so many bands sent demo tapes etc so they decided to put them out on an album..Most of the bands on this Lp never released a record so the demos etc that are on this album are all thats avaiable by them..There are some amazing tracks on this album very basic and raw sounding...
Squid Diddley - Always There
Chain of Command - Some Aspects
Mon Amour - Always Tomorrow’s Rain
My Pierrot Dolls - My Pierrot Dolls
Hidden Pleasure - Beautiful Lady
This Side of Paradise - Witchcraft
Ad Astra - A&R
Time Statues - Statue of the Night
Picture Book - Success
Ind-X - If it Happened to You
Synchronization - Pseudo Rich
New Vices for the Jaded - Follow Careers in Modern Love
Art Interface - Beneath the Calm
My Pierrot Dolls - Picture in Oils


Anonymous said...

This Squid Diddley song I first heard on one of those Flexipop comps., it's a good song. Squid Diddley should have released more music.


Anonymous said...

My Pierrot dolls are awesome and still releasing tracks today.


Matt Adams said...

Chain of Command have their own website at:
and also a myspace page.

Anonymous said...

Ad Astra released the first single on Sane Records in 1983
Give me the Girl/Find the Time (sane 001)
Hear it here -

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to reup this compilation?

Thx in advance

Anonymous said...

dying to hear it! please, can you reupload it? also, does anyone have any information about this band, Hidden Pleasure...?