Friday, April 6, 2007

V/A:Graf Haufen: "Kontinuität der Befindlichkeiten,minimalelectronics 81-83",LP,2004,Germany

All music recorded analog between 1981 and 1983 by Graf Haufen and was originaly released in small editions on Graf Haufen Tapes.Porno-Graf and Vorprogrammierte Zwangsneurose are previously unreleased. This LP was released in 2004 by Vinyl On Demand label in 500 copies and it's long sold out.
A1 T.O.L.L. Milzbrand
A2 Porno-Graf Dr. Black
A3 Porno-Graf Schwänze
A4 T.O.L.L. Westwärts
A5 T.O.L.L. Too Short To Be A King
B1 Geländeterror Geländeterror
B2 Geländeterror Ich Will Dein Leben
B3 Vorprogrammierte Zwangsneurose Mensch
B4 Geländeterror Es Ist Vollbracht
B5 Geländeterror Space Invaders
B6 Die Ratten Das Lied Im Totalen
B7 Potenzstörung '81 Erektive Dysfunktion
B8 Potenzstörung '81 Gießkanne Der Gastlichkeit
B9 Potenzstörung '81 Heavy Honecker
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Anonymous said...


I thought somebody must have uploaded this by now. Glad to see my music getting some exposure, now that the vinyl is deleted.

Anonymous said...

i never heard about Graf Haufen Tapes should i - i was almost 4 years ;D
really interesting stuff...hope to find more of it!
thx for uploading.