Monday, July 9, 2007

Adrian Wagner-Distances Between Us ,LP,1974,UK

Adrian Wagner's music carryer started in his studying at RAM. He also was first synthesizer player in UK in early elecronics music era and participated in many rock musicians works. He invited EMS and Moog to music scene.Firstly I listened his play on R.Calvert's 1st album CAPTAIN LOCKHEED AND THE STARFIGHTERS. He composed and played Gremlin song with Arthur Brown and those were great fun. Scince the time I have followed his works. His great grand father is Richard Wagner.R.Calvert appeared title track "Distances Between Us -Morpheus" and "Steppenwolf". "Steppenwolf" later coverd by Hawkwind on ASTOUNDING SOUNDS AMAZING MUSIC album in '76. This song composed by Adrian and lyrics by Bob.Musics performed by mainly Adrian's keyboards the latest instruments at that time like Moog III, Arp 2600, AKS, Melotron and so on.Copy of this LP was delated long time till Adrian released the CD version in '90. He replaced persussion track to digital percussion and added two songs for CD. "Stranger In A Strange Land" was great pleasure for Hawkfan. It features Bob's lead vocal made for single release but not appeared that time. Another track is "Amazon Woman" featured Adrian vocal and had funky rythm section with Mel Collins sax solo. It firstly appeared in next album INSTINCS.

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