Monday, July 9, 2007

Erdenklang(aka Blue chip orchestra) - Komputerakustische Klangsinfonie,LP,1982,Austria

Erdenklang were Hubert Bognermayr and Harald Zuschrader.In the mid to late seventies, these guys were part of a very symphonic, progressive rock group called Eela Craig. Their music was very lush and majestic, build on a foundation of keyboard sounds. They released five albums, none of which are available on CD, which are now collectors items of some value, commanding upto $30 for the last four and upto $500 (!) for the first self-titled one. After the dissolution of Eela Craig in the early eighties, B and Z got together and released three works, the first one of which was the first ever release on the Erdenklang label. It was called Computerakustische Klangs- sinfonie, and featured synthesized instruments playing acoustic sounds. A couple of lesser known works were also released, both of which have very religious overtones, much like gospel music and chants played to the backing of keyboards. There is a fair bit of spoken prayer in these two, which tends to make them somewhat unaccessible to the average electronic aficionado.
Later, they named themselves the Blue Chip Orchestra, and have released two CDs so far, both of which feature highly orchestral work, and are excellent.

High quality electronic/space floating music,sometimes much orchestrated sometimes more improvisational.By all means it will appeal to all Tangerine Dream,Klaus Schulze fans.

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Adam Eleven said...

This piece was premiered at ARS Electronic in 1982 - with Bob Moog playing the Minimoog (sic!!). - I think it's also one of the first pieces to be made almost entirely on the Fairlight (well, expect for Bob Moog's contribution).