Monday, July 9, 2007

Die Tanzdiele-Folgt den Führern,LP,1981,Germany

Here's a metronomic teutonic NDW gem(just to un-melt your minds after ST.Mikael and Entheogens psychedelic excursions).Metronomic beats,glintchy synths ,anxious vocals.Reminds me a bit of DAF jamming with Belfegore(at their first effort) ,mixed with Die Wirtschaftswunder weirdness.
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Anonymous said...


I was wishing out loud for this one recently:

Somebody listened!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi ...In my computer I can't unzip track 07 of this album
I wouldn't disturb you if I didnt read the message to do so..
Superb work
Best regards

Split Foster said...

this is amazing stuff. my first time to this blog - i'm in love! keep it coming!

Split Foster said...

this is amazing stuff! my first time to this blog - im in love! keep it coming!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Link appears to be dead... ?

Richard said...

The first track of side B was a particular cult track at the time in clubs I frequented. Happy to have found it! Thx!

Hassan said...

any chance you could re-up this? - been looking for it for donkey's years & the link she is dead.
thanks you

Voxnihil418 said...

Please reup this. I keep checking back. I will trade my better collection of Nightmare Organism stuff. lol

Anonymous said...

Von Deadlinkenstein!