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Blue Motion - st,LP,1980,Switzerland

The Swish trio Blue Motion is an offshoot from the Swiss formation Circus, known from their acclaimed album Moving’on (1977), notice how many 4 and 5 stars it has gained on this site! After Circus disbanded, the two former members Fritz Hauser (drums and xylophone) and Stephan Grieder (keyboards) formed Blue Motion. Along with keyboard player Stephan Ammann they made an eponymous debut album, this turned out to be there swan song. The music on Blue Motion is a fine blend of jazz, electronic and classic, the focus is on the excellent interplay between the piano (Bösendorfer acoustic – and Fender Rhodes electric piano) and synthesizers. I hear elements from Trace and ELP but in general Blue Motion sounds quite unique, at some moments the organ even sounds a bit psychedelic. The inventive work on the xylophone gives some songs an extra dimension. To me it sounds a bit subdued music but this is a wonderful album, especially if you like keyboard oriented prog.

Blue Motion is an offshoot from Swiss band Circus, known from their acclaimed album Movin’On (1977). Coming from Basle (NW Switzerland on the language border between the Alemanics and the Romands), this unusual quartet of musicians has a strange line-up: Fritz Hauser is one of the better percussionists (still playing but in jazz bands nowadays) and bassist Marco Cerletti (the only non-Alemanic in the band) is certainly excellent, he also plays acoustic guitar. The other two, Roland Fri and Andreas Grieder, share the wind instruments with the vocals. Between 1976 and 1980 Circus made four studio albums.In 1980 the band split up, then Fritz Hauser and Stephan Grieder formed Blue Motion with Stephan Ammann (keyboards). Blue Motion made one eponymous album in 1980, this was re-released on CD by The Laser’s Edge in 1992. The music is keyboard-oriented (great synthesizer-piano interplay) and sounds as a wonderful, a bit subdued progressive blend of jazz, electronic and classic.

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Awesome electronic/experimental prog LP by this Circus offshot.HIGHLY RECOMMENTED!

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2E Prijs said...

Thanks ! this is a wonderful album, I've looking for it for a long time........

REQUEST time ... from greece , an album that no one in any form around the net has posted...

Will o' the Wisp - Second Sight , their second and impossible to find album

AND ..... a marvel of psychedelia and also from greece..

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ARF said...

Impossible to unpack the *.rar for me, have to ask a friend to do it. Seems that some foreign letters or other "forbidden" characters are the cause of the problem ... never have this problem before.

Is it possible to use usual English characters only in the future ?? Will help me and maybe some others in the future.

Thx in advance and thx for this rare albume too :-)

Anonymous said...

Another great obscure prog post... thank you for all!!!!!!