Sunday, July 8, 2007

PANDEMONIUM "Ville Ouverte" LP 1975 (France) _Jean-Baptiste BARRIERE

A personal vehicle for the musical vision of Jean-Baptiste Barriere, PANDEMONIUM's music mutates the floating cosmic style of early 70ies electronic krautrock to more violent and somber depths through an absence of melody that creates a tense, anguished, ice-cold atmosphere of loss and decay. Heavily relying on twisted ambient structures and a total indifference for rhythmic patterns "Ville Ouverte" (=Open City) unfolds the deeper motives of the composer; all is centered around alienation in society, slow conquering decay and a deep longing for old times through new music. If that seems to you as deja-vu, note that it was 1975. A masterpiece of clairvoyant quality.

Get it here.


proghog said...

G'day Spyros,
Cheers for the post.... Say, do you have Popera Cosmic at all...??

mutantsounds said...

god!i was searching this for years(at least the years that we did not have contct Spyros)...thanks,looking forword to the 2nd LP

spacefreak said...

Second LP will be posted next days, as soon as I will rip my vinyl.

PaulNZ said...

Hi Mutantsounds I understand that you are after anything by C Schulze well another blog The World in Perforated Lines has a rare post Matmos For Alan Turing

Well not my post but if you are like a lot of blog owners you will be to busy updating your blog. Hope this is of some help

Yours Paul