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Clivage-Regina Astris,LP,1977,France

Andre Fertier's Clivage is one of the most impressive, unheralded, French ensembles. Finding themselves in no-man's land betwixt Indian music, jazz, drone and progressive rock styles, the ensemble created three fascinating albums well worth the attention of those who seek music that falls in the cracks between genres.
The group's debut album is probably their signature statement. Featuring four long tracks, Regina Astris sets the stage for this ensemble's mesmerizing music. Instrumentally, the rhythm section is based on Armand Lemal's perucssion and Patricio Villaruel's tablas, upon which Fertier (guitar and keys), Jean Pierre de Barba (sax), Claude Duhaut (bass), and Mahmoud Tabrizizadeh (violin) weave a spellbinding tapestry, a sound that is reminiscent of Shakti, Archimedes Badkar, Oriental Wind, Aktuala and other similar groups where jazz meets the east. The drone stylings of the raga-esque music give the overall feel a trancy atmosphere where a drone is set up, and over the course of each piece, a build up slowly emerges where the instrumentalists improvise over the rhythms, continuing to advance the intensity of each piece. It ends up being over all too quickly, a virtual delight transcending several genres that should appeal to fans of east-meets-west music.

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24-April-2001 for

Andre Fertier's Clivage released 3 albums from 1977 to 1985. The sound Clivage portrays might bring to mind, Italian band Aktuala for their similar use of eastern influence. Clivage fused together jazz, eastern and Indian influences creating a mesmerizing instrumental mixture. Listening to the music can offer the listener the opportunity of going into trance-like state with the droning atmosphere. With such instruments as tabla, saxophones, violin, acoustic guitar and synthesizer they deliver a compelling and rich sound, gentle melodies and magical mood. The music will please those looking for a meeting of musical cultures. The first two albums will be the most pleasing to people who like the style mentioned above (especially the first album, Regnia Astris), although the third album is not that far off the previous ones in terms of sound, only more concise. Clivage should appeal to people who like Aktuala, Third Ear Band and Shakti. ==Assaf Vestin (avestin)==

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Hi Mutant Sounds do you have the krautrock band:
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