Wednesday, July 11, 2007

G. N. R.(Grupo Novo Rock)-Independança,LP,1982+2 first 7" from 1981,Portugal

Great Portuguese band from the early 80s,playing typical new wave/post punk with Echo and the Bunnymen,Teardrop Explodes,Cure,etc influences.Connections with Telectu,Mler ife Dada,etc.Listening closely some art rock hints can be found ,especially in the sidelong improvised song Avarius from the LP .The 7" are typical post punk minor gems.

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Anonymous said...

I always look forward to you no wave, new wave, punk, post-punk gems. I use to think I has a lot of the bases covered in these genres, but I've known only a few titles and those I didn't have. And the minimum-synth and ndw stuff is a total revelation. Thanks for taking the time to upload these wonderful treasures.

Max said...

Cool post of a band I'd never heard but I can't figure out why the file size is different (by up to 5 megs) on different servers.

JMF said...

I'm portuguese. GNR are a commercial pop band. These dayes they had different musicians. Victor Rua, of Telectu, played in the singles.