Thursday, July 5, 2007


The last gasp of this Belgian Canterbury-esque prog institution (who's albums have been posted here by both Jim and myself) tosses the prog factor to the wind in favor of super suave and winningly odd electro-pop not entirely dissimilar to France's Mathematiques Modernes, a move that surely didn't endear itself to their target audience at the time, but retroactively seems a weirdly perfect extension of latent tendencies first indicated via the disco-y moves creeping in circa their "Babel" LP, a factor thats long made that one my favorite of their releases. Vocalist Ilona Chale (Pascale Sons' replacement circa their previous "Pasiones" LP) does some splendid things here, not least in her Dagmar Krause-like turn on on "Tres Joli", something that comes across as hilariously head-scratching in the context of an EP featuring choruses like "woochie-woochie-woochie...wha-wha-wha". Not to be sneezed at.

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Solomon said...

Thank you.

Arizona Phossils said...

thank you. i love this band