Thursday, July 5, 2007


Though Yochk'o Seffer's (here known as Jeff Seffer) membership in this exceptional quartet alongside Siegfried Kessler, Didier Levallet and Zao drummer Jean-My Truong actually preceded his involvement with Magma, this final Perception recording (their third) stems from a period when Seffer had left Magma and initiated the extraordinary Zao with fellow former Magmoid Francois Cahen, a group whose place in musical history remains far more cemented than this more overtly jazz-qua-jazz formation, not least due to to the fact that only one of Perception's impossible to find album's have ever seen reissue, though the lack of any typical zeuhl signifiers to be found here likely plays a part in sustaining that obscurity as well. Thats a real pity, as there's some seriously blissed searching beauty spewing forth from all fronts here.

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sotise said...

this is stunning, a pity so few of your visitors like jazz .
im grateful for the little gems that fall between the cracks and thus under the radars of jazz and avant rock fans alike.

one last unrelated thing, no offence but im rather mystified by the blog value hype.
im certain that alot of people who come here are not affluent.
im personally a little disapointed that you guys have to some how value yourselves at the pecuniary level.

this is one of the best blogs on the net ,not because of quantity of either posts or traffic.
but because of the emarassment of true riches on offer here.
an the palpable delight you guys obviously have in sharing it.

big dollars as a header simply seems crass.
yours with respect

Solomon said...

Thank you.