Wednesday, July 4, 2007

ISOLATION "Isolation" LP 1973 UK

ISOLATION are one of the most obscure UK folk acts. Released as a micro-private edition in 1973 (on the Riverside label), their unique album is a loner folk wonder, hinting sometimes at jazzy psych climates. The hazy melancholy of the music remind strongly of the first Nick Drake album and the finger-styled guitar, nods at Davey Graham. The whole album has a very cohesive feel and the simple sound reflects the limitations of instrumentation; the organic natural sound of acoustic instruments seems to fit the music perfectly and the subtle interplay between acoustic guitars with piano and flute come as a natural cross between a folkier version of UNICORN and the moody aspects of OBERON. A strong album of the 70ies underground folk scene and a monster rarity, selling more than 1,200 € these days.

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Lucien said...

My uncle recommended this one to me after I told him I liked the first Comus album a lot. I'm looking forward to listening to this. Thank you so much !

Anonymous said...

Extremely rare LP. Thanks. Great posts in MS.

Almost impossible missions for you:
1. Judi Pulver - 1973 - Pulver Rising
2. Michael D'Abo - 1974 - Broken Rainbows
3. Red Baron - 1976 - Two Wings (CBS, 81681)
4. Red Baron - 1979 - Baronoia (CBS, 83573)
"Baronoia" (or "Baronia") can be found on p2p Soulseek, but apparently incomplete.

Thanks again.
ProgRock (from Brazil)