Tuesday, July 3, 2007


As requested by Jim, Shoulder Of Mutton A's concoctions are as sublime as they are fried. Interestingly, this masterpiece of art rock weirdness owes not a whit to any tendencies being explored elsewhere within either the Neue Deutshe Welle scene or whatever remained of a krautrock scene by that late date. Rather, Shoulder Of Mutton A musically belong to that much vaunted (well...here anyway) post Beefheart/post Residents continuum that takes in the likes of Steaming Coils, Bomis Prendin, Buxinrut and The Decayes (to name but a few), a species of advanced musical sickness that should have insured these cat's legends ages ago.

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Anonymous said...

Goodmorning to all Mutant Sounds people.

Congratulations for your effort, dedication to music and altruism for spreading good music around.

The reason for writting is one possible request. The one LP that has given me the most difficult time locating (and I still haven't found it).

Tim Hodgkinson - Splutter

This one is Tim Hodgkinson's debut solo LP "Splutter". It was released on his own label Woof Records with number Woof010. It's a magnificent album of solo saxophone and clarinet experimentations.

I would be very grateful if anyone could provide a link to this album.

Thanks to all in advance

Chris Moondog Jr.

Anonymous said...

first thanks a lot for postings all these releases.

next you seems to be open to requests and i'm looking since a long time for some obscure comp from the 80s... so maybe you're the ones who can help me ! here's the list - i know it's a huge list but if you have some of these it would be awesome :

V.A. - Schau Hör Main Herz Ist Rhein (LP) - Wahrnehmungen - 1981
V.A. - Some Waves (Cass) - Graf Haufen Tapes - 1983
V.A. - Band It 13 (Cass) - Tapezine C.90 Kasseto fix - 1984
V.A. - Necronomicon 2 (2xCass) - Necronomicon - 1985
V.A. - Overload Extasya (Cass) - NUX - 1985
V.A. - Funk 2 / Audiologie 3 (Cass) - Vox Man Records - 1985
V.A. - Mental Flag (Cass) - Organic Mind Workshop - 1985
V.A. - Phallophorie Two (Cass) - Reaseau Phallus - 1985
V.A. - New Babel (Cass) - No Label - 1986
V.A. - Qu'est-ce Qu'il Y A? (Cass) - Requiem Productions - 1987
V.A. - Angelic Tecnology 1 (2xCass) - Angakok - 1988
V.A. - Massaconfusa (Cass) - O. Crow - 1988
V.A. - Infidel Psalm Vol.2 (Cass) - Mental Decay - 1988
V.A. - Pure And Painless Pleasures (Cass) - John Doe Music - 1988
V.A. - Zerstückelte Denkkurbeln (LP) - Schimpfluch - 1988
V.A. - Strukturelle Zusammenhänge (Cass) - N.N. - 1988
V.A. - Tourney Into Pain (4xCass) - Beast 666 Tapes - 1989
V.A. - A Gnomean Haigonaimean (LP) - Johnny Blue - 1991


Anonymous said...

ahah just found this one !
V.A. - Angelic Tecnology 1 (2xCass) - Angakok - 1988


Anonymous said...

Phallophorie Two on Reaseau Phallus didn't come out in 1985. I'm certain of this because Phallophorie One came out in January of 1986.

Anonymous said...

Yes phallophorie two its on 1986 , Label le réseau phallus 3 at Lyon, France.

Anonymous said...

pour télécharger phallophorie 2 s' est ici Médiafire : http://www.mediafire.com/?cmft52bsu09

ABIGORE said...

Et pour phallophorie 1 s' est à cette adresse : Médiafire : http://www.mediafire.com/?3xdx​mjphicl

al66 said...

Mediafire link for this album:


vdoandsound said...

al66-You are a completely awesome human being for putting up all these mirrored links day after day!