Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Beyond alerting everyone that, point for point and note for note, this album sounds virtually indistinguishable from Werkbund (numerous of whose albums have been posted here over time), there's very little for me to offer here, not least due to the fact that Katahtonios have studiously avoided providing even a trace of info anywhere (not even song titles). What little I've managed to glean is that someone online cited the release date as 1991 and that at the time I got it, a distributor told me it was of Scottish origin. Whatever the case, the hallucinogenic netherworld hidden within this velvet bagged cloak is a thing of rare and unsettling beauty.

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John P said...

I got this from René Heid at Rund Um Den Watzmann about 10 years ago. Great record!

I'm sure René knows a bit about it.

Tom said...

Agreed re your estimation, VDO. Outstanding...



h r h o h w h a h said...

a pleasure to see this great lp finally digitalised - thanks!

fuzztunnel said...

Totally amazing and quite creepy. "Netherworld" is a good word for this. If you're saying this sounds like Werkbund, I guess I'm going to have to check those fellows out too!
Thanks for another stunning post!

(where did you GET all this stuff?!?!)

Anonymous said...

together with the mechthild and werkbund stuff one of my favorits from the mutant. great ritual musik.

mysterious piece of music.


An Dy said...

this album is terrifying, i love it!!!

William III said...

Sadly, the Katahtonios s/t (July 3 2007) link no longer works. Could this be re-upped?