Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The musical project of Sami Virtanen, brother of Finnish underground prime mover Keijo Virtanen and co-conspirator alongside him in Keijo And The Free Players, the material at hand departs somewhat from the wandering and vaguely processional free folk maneuvers of his principal concern, floating in as it does on an intuitive drift of Zoviet France-like cod ethno mulch and buried kosmiche key themes, but before long Elfin forrest folk heard through transistor radios and desynchronized loops of rough hewn improv clatter begin asserting themselves, the sum total sounding like a clash between Uton and Tomutonntu. It's all really commanding work, but unlike his prolific sibling, this eponymous gem has been all that Sami's seen fit to gift the world with under his own steam. A shame, as based on the evidence here, his touch is every bit as keenly attuned as Keijo's.

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