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Best known for his work in Sun Dial, Gary Ramon and his Acme Records imprint have been flying the flag for advanced psychedelic musical thought under various guises for ages now and this epic set was evidently the third installment of his micro release subscription series on Acme, though I've neither seen nor heard a peep about a second (the first, an LP series in an edition of 99 copies will be coming soon). For those not in the know, Sun Dial were responsible for one of the three greatest psych albums of the 90's (at least of those not made by us...[ahem]...), "Other Way Out". The material collected here from Sun Dial and a series of satellite units was issued on CDR in an edition of a mere 66 copies and covers a goodly bit of material that was gathering dust on his shelves. I posted the vinyl debut of Ramon's side project Quad a while back (a true mindbomb, that!), and it's Quad that initiates the series at hand here, so...taking it one by one:

Disc 1: QUAD-LIVE ICA 1991
less ethno (no sitars this time out) and more saturated on the analogue abuse end than their stunning vinyl debut, this time, it's all black holes, solar flares and aurora borealis'. When Ramon's exquisitely poised guitar finally punctures this synthetic hymen at about the 20 minute mark, it harks right back to the most hushed moments of beauty on Sun Dial's Other Way Out. Really fabulous stuff and not entirely far off from some of what Atsushi Tsuyama of Acid Mothers Temple gets up to on some of his solos either.

This pre-Sun Dial crew (though no idea precisely where this lands in the lineage) sit at an odd juncture between down in the mouth post-Factory Records motion, and grittily urban sounding psychedelic jams that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the Ralph Records Subterranean Modern compilation. Quite nice.

Slurry, trashy dystopian acid pop lovliness here, from a power trio format that shares a member (other than Ramon of course, who appears on all these discs) with The Modern Art. There's a choice Rocket From The Tombs/Cleveland underground heft at work to these formulations and it's a rich vein their tapping, elsewhere calling to mind everything from Gallon Drunk and Dutch psych popsters S.T.

Disc 4: WER7-S.T.
Most peculiar and fascinating cosmic electronic agressiveness that operates at a distinct remove from the blissouts Ramon gets up to with his Quad compadres, here it's all rude surges and astral hailstorms, Kluster, Seesselberg, Moolah and the aggressively loud zapping and surging bits from Tangerine Dream's Alpha Centauri being the most obvious antecedents for the sounds achieved here.

The Ordinary's psych format of choice is the long form jam, with the 27+ minute opening gambit "New England" approaching Acid Mothers Temple-like zones of distended lysergic excess, though the chassis that these psychotropic runs are yoked to gives this affair a whole other center of gravity than the doings of the AMT crowd, it's cadence a post punk-derived carry-over from his work in The Modern Art.

The inverse of the immaculately honed perfection of their studio recordings, this is blaring mid-fi acid psych ramalamma with a corrosive patina to it. Very audience recording in it's fidelity, it's wouldn't necessarily be my pick for the ideal point of entry into the Sun Dial universe (but then this series was only aimed at those already in the fold), but it's a compelling bit of acidic guitar excess regardless of it's place in the larger Sun Dial picture.

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iainmspillane said...

Many thanks for this....'Other way Out' was such a great album.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of any of these before. Thanks

fuzztunnel said...

Too cool... just... TOO COOL. Wow.

Anonymous said...

i might be wrong but didn't ramon have all the modern art stuff removed from acid tapes years ago, shame

Anonymous said...

Yowsa! What a post! Thanks a bunch!


dreams-dxt said...

i dont believe u!

Dave said...

Wow. I certainly never heard of this before although I'm a big fan of 'Other Way Out' and am somewhat familiar with some other Ramon projects (mainly thanks to your wonderful blog). Thanks for sharing this very obscure treasure

tek said...

i've been subscribed to your blog for a long time and i can't tell you how much i enjoy it- i never comment though but i just had to give props for this post. sun dial has been a favorite for a ages and quad has been in my heavy rotation since i first encountered their second disk on mysteryposter.... props on the hash baz post too....keep it up- i know its alot of work but people do appreciate it.

tek said...

ps- im curious to know what you consider to be the other two "greatest psych albums of the 90's" besides "other way out"

Anonymous said...

Other than the two labeled "1991", are there any other dates mentioned for when these were recorded?

Great post. Thanks as always.

- JJ

vdoandsound said...

tek-I'm gonna fudge it here by one year and include something from '89, as I keep forgetting that it wasn't a 90's release when I think of the best psych of that era. The below three were all release within a few years of each other in any event:

Sun Dial-Other Way Out
Tangle Edge-In Search Of A New Dawn
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band-The Magic Square Of The Sun

vdoandsound said...

JJ-Unfortunately no...none at all. And good luck trying to turn up any info on the web about 'em either.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band. I don't think it's been posted on Mutant Sounds...


Josh D said...

Amazing post. Really incredible. Thanks.

Joshua Dunn said...

What a treat. The Ordinary is great. Definitely tickled my post punk fancy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! These are not the same Mystery Plane that I have been trying to find "Curse Of The Bodysnatcher" from for ages, I guess. Anyone, pretty please???????

Anonymous said...

If you like the Modern Art stuff, you might like A life in Bandages. Check out their myspace page. Anything you come up with would be appreciated

meltedrubbersoul said...

Not golden...platinum. Damn. I'd only heard a few sundial songs on compilations (children of nuggets, etc.) I've been depriving myself. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog....I love it! Any chance of a re-up for this beautiful thing?? So much appreciated.