Saturday, September 25, 2010


A clarinet driven funky fusion beast. No, not clavinet, clarinet. Sounds like it'd be a strange proposition on paper, but it works a charm in the hands of the high voltage jazz rock and improv giants on hand for this particular date. Led by legendary fusion ivory tickler Joachim Kuhn's little brother Rolf and assisted by Joachim (whose own period work this comes close to the spirit of) Total Space finds them mated with a world class crew that includes trombonist Albert Manglesdorff, sax maestro Gerd Dudek, guitarist Philippe Catherine and bassist Bo Stieff and backed up up by the dual drumming of Daniel Humair and Kasper Winding.

Get it via Rapidshare here


litlgrey said...

Looks nice. I'll give it a spin.

Mr Fab said...

Rolf Kuhn! Never thought I'd see him here - I have an album of his with a hilariously kitschy version of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid." Yep, a clarinet instrumental version.

Anonymous said...

RS link is upload not download ?

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-No, what you're seeing is Rapidshare's new layout. It still leads to a download page. Just a differently designed one. Yet another phase of their seemingly endless redesign bullshit going on nowadays, it seems.

Anonymous said...

>Joachim Kuhn's little brother Rolf

Nope. Rolf is Joachim`s OLDER (not younger) brother. He`s been around a loooong time... He used to work with and even temporarily led Benny Goodman`s band

Glad you changed yr mind & decided you do dig this one after all :^)

V. Dorje

Anonymous said...

this is an amazing album, thank you so much for the share.
much love

Flop said...

The RS link is dead any chance of a re upload?


vdoandsound said...

jonathan-I just tested this and it's working fine for me.

Flop said...

Right you are i tried it now and it's working fine, will post a follow up once i have heard it ;-)